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Dancing with fire

I have been dealing with many people, had my anxiety built up, formed my anger, learnt to persuade, managed to gain trust and alter attitude upon mixing with different types of people yet keeping the kind heart within.

There is good and bad sides.

At the age of 24, the biggest fear is still my family members.

I can lose it so swiftly by being influenced. Perhaps it’s time to learn to detach feelings with their negative emotions. It’s not easy growing up in a family who fights against each other other small matters.

It’s funny to say but my rented house with strangers seem more peaceful than this blood related home.

Keep dancing darling, keep dancing.


To How?


You have a nice roommie who studies at midnight.
But you cannot sleep with the lights on.

She has been so nice and understanding that you would consider trying to adapted to it..
But after all these while.. you noticed that you can’t.

The late night sleeps have been impacting your daily life and energy…
You concentration ability drops, you lose your memory, class performance declines and your temper worsens..

What should you do?
What should I do!?

I have lost many things..

The weather makes sleeping even more difficult..

Just when I want to work on things.. everything gets worse…

Kill me please…






I understand that I cannot be child dish and selective. I understand that I have to be cooperative to all kinds of people and adapt to the situation. I understand that we can no longer choose what we want and cry like a baby so that our parents will suit us.

But here, I need to express some comments about the imperfection of some people. I understand that it is not their fault for being so ignorant, and full of flaws. She thought she is pretty and people ought to listen to her nonsense as long as she puts on a face that thinks that she is cute. Yes she is cute, yes she is pretty but her ignorant makes her as ugly as a toad can be. If truths are to be identified by the beauty of the person who tells it, it could be either Socrates is a beauty or civilization have long died centuries ago.

And some people just do not use their brain, they expect people with more capabilities to help them in everything they do just because they are in the same team. Owh, look at how useless you are, and you are becoming my partner in this? I want to reject but I didnt know how.

sad case

It is tiresome to be home after a long-stretched journey of driving down to the coastal highway to attend a quick event for the weekend and finally realize that I have still homework to finish. Perhaps I should not sleep right away when I come back to the hostel in Aimst at 5 in the afternoon. The 1.5 hour nap obstructed my biological clock. I feel dizzy.

If the people who work in the mamaks were a little more attentive on the phrase “Tak mau pedas” until they manage to overcome their habit of putting sambals into the mee goreng, they could make my day.

If the event that we were attending were a little bit more natural and meaningful. If the smiles between guiders could be true and real. If we had a clear goal and more freedom of speech. If it could be different…


I have a pen, my pen is Blue.

I have a friend, my friend makes silly choices. At first medic, then logistic. Why on earth she is not doing the things she is destined to!? She does so good in public speaking and writting that many would crave for her talented skills!

Well, so do I.


Hey, I know it sounds rude but


Owh please…

Strawberry Cheese cake

Dear world,

Today is a Sunday. =) I have been spending the whole day at home doing coordinate geometry and I thought this is a good start. Dad came to me during dinner hour to give me the packet food he bought for me. It was bitter-gourd soup with white rice. I have been seeing that for so many times since months ago and got sick of it. Without second hesitation, I spoke gently that I couldn’t understand why I must always eat this kind of meal which has no other nutrition besides all those a bitter-gourd can have and went out straight away to buy myself something to bite on. When I returned, the packet of soup and rice dad bought is no longer in my room.This, as a sign that he has got along with my refusal.

I am no more showing temper on things with my parents, instead, silently surface my fight for own right to choose as a young lady. But this act, I guess, hurted the man who loves me the most.


Hui Ting.

Pink roses

It was already the second time I visited Munsterina(Munster’s blog) by all means to listen to her background music> an adorable song called Murmur Murmur. Aww… its so cute! The song matches perfectly with the theme of her page, sweet and lovely. Thanks, Munster! ♥

Proceeding to talk about why I am here.. The reason is party(a Huge part of it) because I had problems in concentrating on my studies.. Hm… why is this happening?? I don’t know! I guess things will become better after splitting out some words here. I’m sorry friends.

And so after listening to Murmur Murmur (the first song I heard made by The Mollies), I am naturally addicted to the rest of their genius productions. Like loving angels whispering letters of affection into your ears and touches your pumping heart directly with a pair of gentle palms, their melodies are simply lovely. Aw.. I’m in love with their voices~!

OKay, dragging back a major sense of sanity, I could finally imagine what I am going to do in the future after seeing another small part of the big big round(or oval) world through being involved in the Girl Guides National AGM 2011, visiting Chess MSSM  2011 at Tg Bungah beach hotel, and going through little-diddle activities that came into life these days. Life’s just got better as each day passes and i grew. Not forgetting You for talking to me for the whole night, thanks my friend!

Good things sometimes do come with bad ones. I have discovered a bad habit of mine every time when I close my eyes and sleep, its the false sleeping posture I use to have. The effect is quite awful as it makes me feel like dying almost every time I wake up as I feel extraordinary tired instead of refreshing. This explains why I enjoy sleeping overtime. I never had enough time to sleep in my past 19 years of life. =/ Hm.. there got to be a way to cure it!

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