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It kinds of hurt me when my friends who are more slack and insincere in classes are getting better results than I am.

I try to avoid the question all together my with studies because I simply cannot live with the truth.

But it is what it is no matter I like it or not.. Instead of feeling mere jealousy, I shall take this as a motivation to learn from their technique and do better..


It feels better after addressing the feeling.


Dancing with fire

I have been dealing with many people, had my anxiety built up, formed my anger, learnt to persuade, managed to gain trust and alter attitude upon mixing with different types of people yet keeping the kind heart within.

There is good and bad sides.

At the age of 24, the biggest fear is still my family members.

I can lose it so swiftly by being influenced. Perhaps it’s time to learn to detach feelings with their negative emotions. It’s not easy growing up in a family who fights against each other other small matters.

It’s funny to say but my rented house with strangers seem more peaceful than this blood related home.

Keep dancing darling, keep dancing.


My current group leader would lie and put blame onto others just to avoid any fault onto her despite the truth.
its a first time of mine meeting such shameless person who could ignore her own guilt(if she ever have one) and able to do anything onto other.
she is a devil whos facts we have to listen carefully to recognise the lie, and whos pityful expression we ought to ignore everytime we talk to her and whom we have to keep distance to avoid putting blame on no matter how much you have helped her as a friend.

Does she even have a heart?

Well.. from this encounter, i start to believe why cooperate life could be difficult with the competition promoting survival self protection..
a person can behave as bad as he or she wants to be without a sense of guilt..

Beware you kind people.. we have to be smart so that we can continue being kind people.. if not we’ll just be kind dead people, or once kind until betrayed.. you know what i mean.


Warning: Book review about killing, genocide and nothing found in our beautiful lies of Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook.


I was amazed to have read a book known as Love in a Torn Land by Jean Sasson.

Which the detailed description on first few chapters has left me nightmares and delayed the reading until 1 year later.

It is a tale telling of the real life experience of a Kurdish girl born in Iraq at the time the country was ruled by ruthless Saddam Hussein. The Baathist party led by Saddam hated the Kurds, and executed merciless restrictions, arrest, genocide onto the innocent civilians. For their only crime was their race.

The writer, Jean Sasson is a British and she penned Joanna’s story through interviewing her. Joanna displayed great courage, optimism in good hope for survival, fight and peace. Simultaneously her undying love for family, Kurdistan and her heroic husband.

In a 3 days indulged reading of 400 pages, I found myself vividly living the horrors of Joanna, the teller of her memories whom how her relatives suffered in the prison and torments, how she as a young girl had longed to live the life of Kurdistan freedom fighters known as Pershmega to liberate themselves from the insane genocide. It was similar to the Jewish escape from the Nazis. Just less famous and on smaller scale. Still cruel.

Seeing her brothers and her kind suffered, she then married a freedom fighter of her dream and started the struggle with him. Running for lives from bombing, chemical attacks, surviving on scarce resources, had a miscarriage due to the harsh condition.

To many like her who were on the same land, they  had not been lucky enough to live to tell the tale. I am not going to elaborate on the craziness Baathist has done onto the poor Kurds unless being asked. Such acts are beyond my acceptance on human rights and merely, pain, hunger, disabilities, despair, more pain and eventually death in the most unimaginable ways.

Do not be afraid.

Indeed. This is not a fairy tale of beautiful beaches and sunshine.

It is how insane a person can go in brutalizing the life of another human being, I mean another thousands.

Perhaps just because of the hatred implanted onto another race, and lack of understanding.

The story ended with the refugee sought by Joanna and her husband at England, and a victory against Saddam by the Kurds, in 2007.

But after checking the news I know now that peace for the Kurds did not last long. As stupid Daesh(ISIS) expands its military rage on northen Iraq, forcing the Kurdish fighters-Pershmega no choice but to fight against this multibillion well-resourced terrorists with their limited weapons.

If you did not expected this and do not know how to process this shock, keep reading. (so that you become numb.. haha.)


The first time I experienced such anger or hate onto war was when I heard about the merciless of Japanese when they invaded China and Malaysia. I learnt those at the age of 6, gradually listen as mother told me granny’s childhood, seeing piles of bodies behind the current Gama shopping mall after bombing, and how she used to play with her friends near the Japanese army camp so that the unguarded Japanese soldiers gave them some salt and other little groceries to bring home. How my grandfather starved in the midst of Bukit Kepong, Johor’s forests. In Nanjing, men and women was tired onto wires in hundreds and burnt to death. (Yup, I told you to keep reading.) I am thankful that they survived, yet filled with a constant hate towards the Japanese and wondering why nobody has launched a revenge or at least boycott onto Japanese products, and anime. Then, more stories come to my conscious growing mind.

I watched The Pianist. This is a movie about the time in World War II where a Jewish pianist who had been sent to concentration camps, and his struggle to escape. I moved by the heart touching moments and the art in shooting this movie. At the end of crying and laughing, I was terrified.

At the age of 14, I could not process the image of such cruelty, nor accepting the reality happened that contradicts so much from the beautiful world that I am living in. I told myself, this is absurd!

Two years later brother passed me the Diary of Anne Frank. A diary of a young girl at my age who were hiding in the attic with her family during the Holocaust.

Thanks to my mother, and brother. I now have a good insight and awareness on the poor civilians during war and inequality.

As I grew, I read about the Taliban, Rohingya, Indonesian Chinese Genocide, and then the Middle East. And changed my perspective from negative to better.

Do not be afraid.

There is hope for change.

For we were taught in our culture that a genuinely kind person do not need to be on top or afflicted to forces. Do good and good will come to you.

That is a lie. Do good, and be strong, because evil doesn’t select his victim. One day, you have to be tough enough to defend yourself, you love ones or just merely for justice. In this world, the strongest survive and rule. Whoever rich and powerful sets the rules.

And most important, yet absurdly. Be nice to the bad, for their lack of experience onto affection and kindness shaped their inner demons.

There are reason bad people becomes bad. Superstitious people including my respected forensic lecturer told me it’s born in blood. I ought not to resolve in such hasty conclusion and to identify the cause and uproot it. For if not we will have endless business fighting against them, or sitting comfortably in our serenity reading news about Daesh(ISIS). Feeling lucky it’s not us.


Thank you for reading. =)


Not all things happen as peaceful and beautiful the way they can.

I do not know why some people have to yell and be so defensive even on the most general discussion.

Yes, we may not need to agree with each other utterly, but that doesn’t warrant an emotional demonstration of being angry and aggressive.

It just hurts me.
All the time.















SPM 考生一切顺利

PMR 放生玩得开心




Be proud of

Barisan Nasional World Records!
Posted by labisman   

Friday, 28 March 2008

THANK YOU BN. For giving us the World’s Healthiest Country. Even as the Elections Commission, your own agents, ooops … I mean er… civil servants, admitted one week before the elections, Malaysia has more than 8,500 voters aged over 100! Dear BN, what’s your secret? Do these super-old voters drink ginseng? Tongkat Ali? Or indelible ink?
THANK YOU BN. For giving us the World’s Most Expensive Car Jack. As the Auditor General’s Report released last year showed, you used our money to buy car jacks at RM5,741 each when it costs only RM50 per piece in the hardware store. I understand that these fantastic tools can "jack up" not only cars but even Datuks all the way up to the Fourth Floor of Pak Lah’s Minister Mentor.  
THANK YOU Umno. For the World’s Greatest U-Turn. Last November, when HINDRAF (HINDu Rights Action Force) Indians demonstrated in KL to protest their "marginalisation" by the Umno-controlled government, you condemned them as "ruffians" who would jeopardise social stability, tourism and foreign direct investment (FDI).
But one week after elections, Umno itself demonstrated in Penang, Ipoh and Shah Alam claiming that the new State Governments there will "marginalise" the Malays. And no doubt, they want to "promote" inter-racial harmony, social stability, tourism and FDI with slogans like: "Don’t play fire with Malay rights!"  So dear Umno, why don’t you call yourselves MALRAF – MALay Rights Action Force!
THANK YOU Gerakan. For the World’s Smartest Economic Policy. As revealed by blogger (and now MP) Jeff Ooi, former Chief Minister Koh Tsu Koon used taxpayers’ money to give Motorola a RM1 billion (that’s RM1,000 million) contract, so that the American electronics company would announce (just before the elections) a RM350 million investment in Penang to "prove" that the state was still economically "competitive". Wow, what a vote of "confidence" in Penang’s economy!
THANK YOU Umno for the World’s Greatest Irony. Last November, you accused HINDRAF of causing losses to businesses and traffic jams (when it was actually the massive police roadblocks/crackdown that caused the jams/chaos). You said such protests were "not our culture" and a "threat to national security" worthy of ISA detentions.
But now Umno’s MALRAF has shown that such protests are indeed part of Malaysian, or at least, Malay culture. And the best part was that they proved we could have peaceful demonstrations – as long as the police behave professionally. In other words, Umno’s demonstrations have truly "demonstrated" that 50 year old Malaysia is mature enough to allow people to "let off steam" by shouting and holding banners for an hour or two without incurring National Apocalypse.
And then after all that shouting and sweating, habis cerita! We Malaysians (who are so bored that we stop our cars to look at road accidents) finally get some street entertainment and after that all the crowds go for their teh tarik and roti canai. Hey, that’s good business for the mamak shops you know!
But if you ask me, the true MALRAF are the many Malays who protested against BN policies through their votes, especially in Kedah, Kelantan, Penang, Perak, Selangor and KL. Just as the majority of Chinese did an electoral CHINRAF.
So what shall we call those Umno demonstrators? How about MONEYRAF? A MONEY Rights Action Force to demand their "Malay rights" privileges to "buta gaji" contracts, projects, AP’s and share allocations so that they (and their Mak Datin wives) can continue to buy their BMW’s (and "ori-punya" Gucci handbags) while the real makciks struggle to make a living selling mee goreng at the roadside. 
THANK YOU Selangor BN, for being the World’s Most Environment-Friendly Government. DAP Kampung Tunku State Assemblyman, Lau Weng San, has lodged a police report over alleged destruction of documents by the previous Selangor State Government. Pictures have appeared on the internet of files strewn all over office floors.
Perhaps they were shredding all that paper to recycle into tissue paper? To wipe away the s**t before it hits the fan when the new Menteri Besar takes over? Ah, what fragrant records they shall leave behind…. how eco-friendly of them!
THANK YOU MCA. For giving us the World’s Best "Buy One Free One!" Special Offer. This means the voters can Buy Opposition and Still Get Free BN Service!
Despite Pak Lah threatening the Chinese that they would "lose representation" in the government if they voted for the Opposition, the MCA still got their four Minister’s posts in Pak Lah’s new Cabinet. Of course, these Minister-ships have little real power anyway.
For example, even though the MCA got a massive "mandate" in the 2004 elections, the MCA "Minister of Housing and Local Government" (H&LG) never had power over housing and local government. Why? Because these matters are actually (in the Constitution, no less) under the jurisdiction of State Governments! The Minister of H&LG could not appoint Majlis Perbandaran Councillors or give approvals for housing projects. In fact, he himself once complained that Local Councils were not implementing his proposals for more CCTV’s, street barriers and well-lighted pavements under the "Safe City Concept".
As MCA president Datuk Seri Ong Ka Ting said himself on March 9, the party "accepted and respected the people’s decision" and would "continue to fight" for the rights of the community and country. As The Star reported, he also urged MCA candidates with good track records "not to be affected" by their defeat and to "carry on serving" the community. One example is the hardworking MP Lee Hwa Beng, who despite being defeated by the young man who filmed the VK Lingam video, has sportingly agreed: "I will keep my service centre open." Well done sir.
In other words, the people get the BEST OF BOTH WORLDS. We get more of an Opposition voice in Parliament and we still get the BN reps to help us with complaints of blocked longkangs, blinking street-lights and bloody road potholes. Well, how else can they hope to win back our votes in 2013?
BUT what if the new State Governments transform the Majlis Perbandaran’s to become more efficient? To do the bloody blinking jobs they were paid to do in the first place? What will happen to the MCA’s Majlis Perbandaran Liaison Officer and Petition Writer roles? Oh oh… looks like the MCA reps have to urgently reinvent and rebrand themselves.
THANK YOU Elections Commission (EC). For giving Malaysia the World’s Most Advanced Technology. Before this, we’ve only seen "tele-portation" on Star Trek – you know, like when Captain Kirk or Dr. Spock says "beam me up" and they are instantly "tele-transported" in a sort of large laser beam from some strange planet back to the mother spaceship.
But BERSIH, the elections reform group, says that you, the EC, have managed to transfer voters (possibly thousands) from Selangor to places like Kelantan and Terengganu without even their knowledge. How many of these people could actually drive five to eight hours all the way there to vote? PAS claims that at least 200 buses of "phantom voters" were brought into Terengganu and its President, Hadi Awang says police "escorted them like VIP’s".
No wonder the cartoonist Zunar calls you, the EC, a "component party" of the Barisan Nasional. Come on… don’t so like dat-lah. I mean, congratulations on such marvellous technology and all that. But dear EC, at least you should have the basic courtesy to "tele-transport" voters only after they say "beam me up". Not before, OK?
What’s next EC? Al Jazeera TV reported on March 9 that you could stuff 560 "registered voters" into one street of small terrace houses in Cheras, Selangor. You even had the sense of humour to stuff 26 of them into the same 1,400 sq ft house (perhaps to share the bathroom?) as the brother of Jenice Lee (now elected as DAP State Assemblywoman for Teratai, Selangor).
Now, we all know that great progress is being made in "data compression" technology. For example, we used to need two or three pieces of VCD’s for one movie whereas nowadays, you can stuff five or even more movies into just one piece of DVD. So… for 2013, I am looking forward to the EC’s "best-punya" world-class technology – to stuff 30 "registered voters" into the dog kennel behind my house!
THANK YOU MIC. For the World’s Best SMS jokes! Allow me to jazz them up.
"Hi. My friend is looking for a job. Construction background. His education not that strong. But can "kau tim" things. Any buildings collapse, he will say Act of God. He was with Malaysian Govt past 30 years. Last job: Works Minister. His name is Samy Vellu. Please help him to get at least toll gate collector job. Thanks."
And you probably also heard the "latest news" that Samy Vellu is now a film producer in Bolehwood? His first movie will be Kuch Kuch Kalah Hai starring Mydin Khan, Sharizat Rai, Kayveas Kapoor, Koh Tsu Khan and Khir Tempe Blachan. Special guest appearances by Khairy Kumar and Bobby Badawi. 
And lastly, there was this: Breaking news! Samy is very angry and will leave MIC to form a new political party for Indians called Parti Untuk Kaum India MAlaysia – PUKIMA. 

Enjoyed reading?

I guess many have seen it before..

IT’s an old mail I found in my inbox.

From yik ping! XD


    After talking for about an hour with mom, I’ve learned more.. Mom is a nice person to talk to, I felt free to crap whatever I feel like. Oh well, she was the one who did the most talking actually.. ^^

We started from pollitics to business, economics, good personalities and lastly phisology. Pollitic was one of the main topic. I couldn’t stand laughing when she told me about these "jokes".

    Mom told me about those she read in the newspaper, which is a list of 7 big projects the goverment planned, paid and end up with nothing.. How sad it is to watch these corruptions happening in our country.. We are still able to survive until now is because of our rich land, the petroleum, and things given by nature. Because of this, they keep on corrupt and corrupting.. thinking about their own profits by pushing the country towards the end. Umno cancelled 2nd penang bridge’s plan, and sekats Penang financial amounts b’cause Penang’s Gov is DAP. What a smart act. I’ll try to post proves for these facts next time, it’s simply too much!

    Having heard that Mr. Anwar may be domitating the politics, how do you think about this? Obviously he has a "supporter" behind who solves all the financial problems. If he really suceeds, what will happen to our country? We can get some hints in form 2 sejarah.. yes, limited by the stronger forces.. Not you, neither me, nor the Malays.. The force who is holding contract with Mr A.. Get me? I believe that there must be a way to stop this country from destroying. It’s just that I don’t know how… YEt.


   Besides, mom brought me something as she just came back from Singapore this evening too, and they are…


K, A bread-pizza and a Donut..           



2 packets of 3 in 1 milo n coffee. Fine..


This is what that started our business topic.

Union YE products =)


Oh ya, next week got exam hor…

then why I’m still here?

Thanks for reading!

Red Pill Vid

School work is just so heavy, for you and me. Let’s watch Matrix while taking a short break online.
Do ignore this if you feel it insulting or something. I am looking from the angle of third party here.
Neither pencadang, nor pembangkang. =)
Malaysians, Choose the Red Pill 

Meanwhile, this is what I find in the details. We shall have a simple Reading.. Just a simple one, k?

"Taken from the movie The Matrix, this scene shows Morpheus asking Neo to choose between the red and blue pills.
Likewise, Malaysians, must choose. To stay in ignorant bliss, or to uncover the truth amid the lies and deceit.
Find out about the corruption practices which have become the norm in Malaysia. Find out if your leaders are making YOUR life better or making THEIR life easier with your money.
Find out if they are flushing this country down the drain. Find out how much federal reserves we have. Find out how corrupt and dirty our leaders are. Don’t stop at the ministers, find out even till the highest man, the PM.
I’m only asking you to seek the truth
."   – A random Youtube User

A random Overseas Student’s voice



……我是侨生,来自马来西亚。 ”我不会很坦然的说自己是马来西亚公民(当然,我将来也许会入籍中华民国--也许这就是侨教政策的终级目标),我害怕受到排斥或‘特别优待’。那么,我为什么还要到台湾来念书呢?也就是这样,我对马来西亚可说是既爱又恨……

身为马来西亚华人,我自认是幸运的。从某个角度来看,我更觉得马来西亚华人是全世界几十亿炎黄子孙中最幸福的一群。马来西亚气候暖和多雨、四季如夏,拥有丰富的矿藏、珍贵的热带雨林等天然资源,又位处台风、地震、火山带外,适合人们居住、进行各类经济活动,且免于严重自然灾害引来的横祸。虽然马来西亚不如香港、台湾、新加坡繁荣进步,但土地与天然资源充足,据潜力,且能已发达国家为借鉴,免去过度城市化、过度污染、过度拥挤等的问题。比起印尼、泰国、菲律宾等国,马来西亚的政治与经济较稳定,各族、各宗教之间和谐共处、相处融洽,这更令许?br> h国家认为不可思议.同时,虽然欧美华裔和马来西亚华人一样避免了接受同化却还是受歧视、排斥,甚至迫害的窘境(如印尼),确只有马来西亚华人才较健全、完整的保存了中华文化的传承环境,能较好地学习与宏扬中华文化。当然,中国是中华文化的文民发祥地,但中国一般人民似乎三餐温饱都成问题,实在无法很好的从事文化活动吧!




话说回来,我在这里又为什么不以自身是侨生‘为荣’呢?先让我告诉你一个小秘密:近几年的新普医生作家,台大医毕业的欧阳林可是我中学的同校学长。我高中的许多老师就是他的老师,而我更知道他的原名喔!可奇怪的是,我曾向几位新同学提起过,同学们都不相信我,他们从来都不知道欧阳林是马来西亚人。也许是我碰到的同学不熟悉他,也许是他不曾在书中透露过。我只看过一、二本他的著作,who knows ?


We are born on this land, this is our country.
Where on earth we can call HOME besides Malaysia?
This is the place we should be living together and treated equally..
Some of us bowed because we think that we are not the locals of this land.. But it is actually not. The Malays think so because when their elders came here they didn’t see Chinese on the other side of the land. Chineses have been starting their life since before Malays do. If they want to talk about origin, they can ask Chinese to go back to China, Indian to India and themselves will have to leave and go back to Indonesia or other places too. It is obvious that what we call Bahasa Melayu is familiar with Indonesian language, right?
I am born to be a Malaysian and I will always be. Forget about the hak istimewa.