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There are times when I want to do so much on a weekend and end up getting nothing done.

Yesterday was one of the example.

Minute to minute anxiety brings nothing productive.

I should have just gone traveling. Gah.. haha.


Looking back

So I was convinced with the Kon Mari method and stated practicing it to clear and reorganize my belongings. It uses the basis of going through all items one by one to only keep things that sparks joy instead of focusing on discarding items.


I first organized those belongings in my rented room in Sungai Petani in January.
As most items were accumulated in recent 4 years of study life so it isn’t too bad to go through all of them.

Now I tried practicing it at my very own room in Penang.
It is the base where i store all the things that matters to me since small.
I only completed reviewing my clothes today,
and noticed the number of clothes I kept for girl guides, is the most.
There are uniforms, souvenir shirts and those good T i kept in case i need to go camping again..

It occured to me that guiding has been a huge part of my life.
Despite not being able to dedicate too much time and effort to it, it still stays in my heart.

Then there are some signed shirts from other activities, and the form 5 graduation T-shirt..
I discarded the signed shirts, kept the graduation T anyway..


It is amazing how time has passed. Looking back at high school, I am almost 25 y/o now.
Many struggles, and things that had mattered so much now longer do.

Perhaps whatever misery it is that we are now having, it will go away eventually..

Dr Aref

Today an awesome radiologist spoke to us..

I am teaching you for extra hours not because of the faculty’s instructions, it is because I see the passion in learning among you all.

If every students have this attitude we will produce many good doctors.

I am not excellent.. but somehow failure shaped some form of maturity… And ability to appreciate chances to improve..

Somehow people say we are kiasu.. I don’t mind losing.. but I mind not trying before it’s over… That’s wastage of youth….


当你一到外面,人家就会开始吃你, 吃你。


To How?


You have a nice roommie who studies at midnight.
But you cannot sleep with the lights on.

She has been so nice and understanding that you would consider trying to adapted to it..
But after all these while.. you noticed that you can’t.

The late night sleeps have been impacting your daily life and energy…
You concentration ability drops, you lose your memory, class performance declines and your temper worsens..

What should you do?
What should I do!?

I have lost many things..

The weather makes sleeping even more difficult..

Just when I want to work on things.. everything gets worse…

Kill me please…

Rohingya migrants

A pessimistic sees troubles in all situation,
An optimistic sees opportunities in all situation.
Yes they are illegal migrants or trouble creating people.. Meanwhile they are also good source of manpower.
If would be great If we can provide the migrants education to be good and working opportunities.
I believe they would be willing to work hard if given a chance to land, rather than being thrown onto the sea again..
While for their children, we educate them, and be as good as one should be..
Just like Rome concurring other states, the refugee are allowed to take Rome citizenship by studying and learning the Roman language. In the end everyone was a proud citizen of the great Roman Empire.
Malaysia has land, big acres of land.. Can we give them some?

An ultimate luxury

Sometimes the ultimate and most enjoyable thing is having a control on yourself for the things you want to do and not.

We know its bounded by reality.. But that’s all. Realistic needs to survive and thrive by decision and efforts.

The opportunity to lax and hang around in comfort is somehow.. Very enjoyable. While my parents work to secure my life and seat in the university…

Well… What?


DO you sometimes feel something especially the nights so enjoyable that you do not want to sleep?
I am..
tonight is so beautiful that I wanna be awake forever!


I have to thank a person for showering me with care and affection.
The sun shines brighter when it sees you. 🙂