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Dear nice people who cares about my post, how are you? ^^ It is a great April.. I have finally finished my Foundation Course in Aimst University as the payback of my lack performance in STPM, and once again officially … Continue reading


It came out the number of views on my blog is actually far more that I have been expecting.. (at least, its more than 10!) So I’m thinking to put a little frame up work on it to be a little bit more responsible towards the visitor by putting on the idea that came into my mind 2 years ago, The concept. Yes, you may not know what it is, except for GF who had heard it for once (and mostly forgotten). The idea is just to put things to a little bit more systematic and reader friendly with the main purpose of sharing. 😉

A change is coming.

Phillic Journey

Dear world,

I wonder how long I can update again after this.. Maybe, next Wednesday. if not.. forget it. Out to Se-bah.!!

It is because of a crazy wish that I chose psychology, to let more people learn to enjoy and appreciate the greatness of life.  Then this humanity field was linked to medical knowledges in my mind when a chance to visit Penang General hospital with other JPA appliers,  which takes in the word Psychiatric. Hm.. I guess the medical term sounds more knowledgeable and convincing to the society compared to psychology. So I wanted to become a Psychiatrist, that has to become a Doctor first! Not much will believe how mischievous the thought was, I did not like crawling little creatures such as insects, or seeing/touching a wound or a dissected flashy warm blooded human being. They were both simply disgusting especially the nausea smell of blood of the latter one. But just because I wanna to psychiatric. Maybe all these fear and phobia will soon turn into phillic as time goes and me knowing more. That is why I chose form 6, Biology stream over the original plan, Accounts.

The journey started. First thing was insects! Glad to tell that after knowing these little creature I’ve learnt to like them. Thanks to my classmate/teammate, Melissa. =) The next thing was plants. At least they do not appear dull and lame to me anymore for every plantae has its own way of living. The love and passion towards of flora and fauna is slowly built as years go by before I really get myself into facing human organs and systems, where pain, fear and deaths come in a combination. I really felt blessed. in conjunction of this planning, dad is taking us to Sabah next week, I’m sure Mount Kinabalu hike will throw me into mother nature and get overwhelmed with the beauty and mysteries of mother nature. Hopefully, someday I will get used to them on the journey to the real end of my life goal.

Have a nice Holly-day!


Hui Ting

Random voices

This morning went meeting in Union Primary.. met Pn Lye(Union Pri One-day-camp commandment/brownie teacher), arranged the planning with other girl guides and scouts helpers… I learnt better in distributing jobs and sharing the responsibilities to lighten the leader’s burden and getting more people participating. It feels good, to know something more. Friday will meet the scouts again to detail about some parts and check if there is any problem. I didn’t ask other guides to come as I guess they would prefer to have a more relaxed friday late morning at home.. Honestly I was not sure wheter this decision is right or not when they asked me that they need to come or not..

Noon, went to mom’s ‘shop’ (the “shop” that does not sell anything) to eat.. and online. after 2 hours of staying in front of the hallucinating screen, kena scold. =X then balu kam luan eat lunch.. the time was 1pm stmg.. I was very very happy because nothing to do in the afternoon. so.. went Zzz.. for 3 hours +.. woke up, hungry again.. This was the time I tried cooking something again. Fried tomato noodles for mom and I. (remember Totomagetti?? lol..) It looks good on the surface with egg, fish.. cucumber.. but the noodle didn’t taste good. =/ too salty! Hm.. nevermind, try again next time. =)

Evening stoke, I went cleanning the 3rd house under the order of Court of Mom.. That’s the house in Macallum where I once lived last year for SPM. As the scattered papers are gathered in front of me, I saw tons of notes and scribbles. Of all that I’ve learnt, studied and revised ran through by a quick scan, I figured out how the A’s in SPM could came out even after so many failures in school exams. I mean.. I DID really work hard, very hard to make sure I’m well-equipped for SPM. and it worked! Sometimes good exams results do not just come by themselves, they are the reward and prove of countless sweat blood. Exam marks is a measure of what you have learned and remembered. Clearly, I did not learn much this year, not to say remembering anything, thus 32 for maths, 55 for PA, 52 for MUET and 58 for Chemistry are the outcome. The ohm is back, I hope. I whispered good-bye to some good books and  notes and handed to my neighbour. I feel pity about it as I did not use them to the fullness as what they worths. Perhaps we should appreciate everything we have ever own, so that when its time for it to hand over to  another person who needs it more, we feel no sorry and regret. Can you get what I’m trying to say? Things come and go, just like people, just like everything that you have own, cherish all that have ever came to your life to live with no repent.

Holidays are meant to be busy, according to the life experience of Ting. I’ve been out of the house for days eversince the first day of school holidays. Tomorrow is going to be the same: Tai Chi with mom in the morning, then afternoon guitar lesson replacement, then head to QB with some crazy happy classmates. 

I guess we will enjoy ourselves like the way we have used to. The heat of togetherness is there before it slowly fade when everyone is distributed to different classes and met new friends next year. Hopefully the friendship stays-we still can appreciate each other as friends.

How were your holidays? SPM and STPM has been started, good luck for them. =)



Making life simple

    The air around us is getting worst each day. People have no passion to talk outdoor under the hot sun, they hide in the air-cond room as they never know that they are making it worst with the CFC given out by the stupid machine.. Oh no, the world is walking toward it’s end. Earth is going to burst!! I can’t wait to escape from this horrible carbon-dioxided-town.

     Having a cup of tea in a cosy environment is the best thing on earth! I just go my permission to walk to moongate after school again! Kakaka…

I’m visiting no. 84’s monkeys tomorrow!