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And so we had a class with a renowned specialist today. She has been very particular, demanding, and strict in her work and teaching. Classes with her was a nightmare for students, especially if we are ill-prepared. I was relatively lucky as the questions she asked me were those that I manage to remember, but many of others suffers from reprimanding.

Her behavior and personality reminiscent so much of my two aunts and father, for the eldest aunt is super particular, serious, easily agitated and strict, and the second aunt is bossy, cares too much about the things she does, and does not trust other people’s work, finally my father is commanding, ego and expects the highest bit of respect.

Common thing is that they all are never happy, and terribly hard to please in the conventional way but somehow extraordinarily good in the things they venture in.

She is the combined version of all 3, with the good thing that she speaks quite nice and softly like an English lady. And yes, she cares for her patients, they like her.


Somehow growing up in this environment, and going through the Queen’s Guides’ tests with super fussy testers, I learnt and adapted to find a way out with people like these.

First of all, do not be afraid. The more worried I was, more mistakes were to be done, which agitated them further.

Second, be prepared, like be perfect. Yes, no excuse. I am a perfectionist and quite particular and strict to myself.. Many things I depreciate myself for not being able to achieve before other people comment a thing. Maybe somethings does matter, but it is ok for not being able achieve it yet.. But yea..when my classmates grumble about it. I somehow understand why she is angry.

Thirdly, she has high expectation on us and cares so much about the patients.

Yes.. Every time we have class, we never pay much kindness and consideration to the patients.. She wants us to approach and greet the patient in a nice way. I can totally understand that. And yes… many of us are simply rude and ignorant. For example there are different position of nurses in hospital ranging from Matron, Sister, Staff nurse, MA, to PPK. The most obvious difference is sister(light blue uniform, higher ranking) and Staff nurse(white uniform with blue line). Being attached to the hospitals for almost 2 years now.. many of us still call the staff nurse Sister, and do not bother to change when corrected. It is like calling Peugeot car Lamborghini. We do not smile, and greet people when we meet members of the hospital. It is agreeable for her to correct us.

Somehow, the approach is not ideal.. for it seems she has led a very unhappy life despite being on top. Her worries, and grudge has trapped her emotions in to a form of rage and aggression that scares everyone away.

I might wish to be good, particular and be considerate but to people whom we want to change, in the name of education/influence/preaching.. Rage and anger does not work too well. The negative emotion we put ourselves in in order to show fury us eventually engulfs us. Her life is an example of it. However vague, i believe her starting point was kind.


Learning to behave with her, I applied a lot of body language to show humble, complete obedience and learning enthusiasm. She has been so watchful in everything around, once i got my pen snatched because i was scribbling behind her, and once my notebook was taken away for i was opening it while my friend struggled to present her case without referring. Haha. Good lesson learnt.

There’s once she kept all our notebooks because she wants us to speak without refering to notebook, knowing she feels agitated when people write on their hand, I did so when she told us our assignments questions. Res ipsa loquitur. We got the books back.

Second story.. sitting next to her.. it is best not to do anything. But I wanted to see the examinations my friend was doing, so i moved my chair. It triggered her reaction. I showed total focus on the target. Another one was picking up a pen for her.. So many hassle, but No scolding. Good job! Haha..  Yes, I believe actions can be done around her.. but display the motion as pure as possible. She is an understanding person.

I am not trying to be gender biased, generally in people who are: caring, considerate, meticulous, yet demanding perfection, which is commonly some women in power who feel that they are challenged. Just go with it and show that you have nothing to hide. Kindness is their soft spot, they will not want to go outrage unless challenged, or when trust is lost. Stop complaining and just be the good you can be. Often these challenges makes one tough and better in some aspects. Just like how I grew up with. The side effect is that one day you might fall into that furious emotional trap and become her replica. So it is best to avoid it by losing your emotional attachments to negative ones. Learn the excellence, drop the fear.

Bahahaha. I am so happy.













A cycle

After a recent conversation with a friend’s father in Chinese New Year, his words stuck in my mind saying that we should learn to take things easy, instead of pushing too hard for it, because things might turn out the other way.

Yes. I agree, being A type and all stress out does not guarantee the outcome.. In a stressed state, we feel that we work a lot but in the end we are just paying a lot of effort with a little outcome.

I am still balancing my physiology needs, biological clock and studies. Insomnia haunts me again.. so i feel fatigue usually after morning class. Instead of pushing through the day like I previously always do, I actually skipped and take the rest I needed. I understand that it is not ideal. Rather being all strained off from the whole day unable to absorb a thing in class and do anything much in the evening. This change somehow it gave me some time to recharge and to work efficiently in the evening.

Perhaps after some adjustment hopefully the insomnia will get better that I can get back on track next week.

Hero to zero

A person collapsed at komtar today.

I was helping him with CPR before realizing that I was the only person among the bystanders who knows it.

A nursing student and a doctor came along. And finally the ambulance..

I left it to the professionals and a man praised me ‘pandai’.

The kind person in me walked away while the medical student’s personality took in.

I wanted to know what happened and they look chaotic.. So I walked in again and became the annoying student who knows nothing but still eager to help..

What a day.

sad case

It is tiresome to be home after a long-stretched journey of driving down to the coastal highway to attend a quick event for the weekend and finally realize that I have still homework to finish. Perhaps I should not sleep right away when I come back to the hostel in Aimst at 5 in the afternoon. The 1.5 hour nap obstructed my biological clock. I feel dizzy.

If the people who work in the mamaks were a little more attentive on the phrase “Tak mau pedas” until they manage to overcome their habit of putting sambals into the mee goreng, they could make my day.

If the event that we were attending were a little bit more natural and meaningful. If the smiles between guiders could be true and real. If we had a clear goal and more freedom of speech. If it could be different…

STPM Result released

So here is it:-

General Studies: B         Mathematics: B

Chemistry: B+                          Biology: C+

Not even one A? Terrible isn’t it?

Well, too bad. That’s how far I could reach. =/

Not everyone is perfect right?=)

By the way, a big congrats to GF, Johnny and Lookid for their perfect score. You guys made it!!!! That’s very, very cool. All the best for your future! =D




呀,我今天终于与学校老师结怨了。明明决定来钟灵平凡的混混日子,过一年半后平安地走人,不惹事,不强求…… 怎么,今早就是咽不下她怨诬的那态度而翻脸了。你说,这么顽强,这么倔强做什么呢?好好的道歉就好了lo…… 得罪了老师,你说要怎样呢?压抑一下不服的心态会死hor? sampat 的。冤枉就冤枉,被骂就被骂咯。长这么大又不是没有被人骂过,有什么大不了的呢?


Sacrifice 几只Pawn 没关系,只要棋局稳定,最后才会是大赢家。这次,我做错了。放不下尊严,而跟一个自尊心过高的人攀比。她觉得我不尊敬她,在威胁她。我又不是要做训导老师,那么有骨气做什么呢?


Dear world,

We had MUET 2nd part test this morning, when it ended, it means it ends! Yay! MUET paper is done, no matter what my result is, I am sure that I will not be considering about it anymore until after STPM. Yay! No more English language knowledge worries, or watever it is.

Band 5 scorers, now I feel what they felt– RELIEF.

Hui Ting


还能说什么的。 =/