Dr Aref

Today an awesome radiologist spoke to us..

I am teaching you for extra hours not because of the faculty’s instructions, it is because I see the passion in learning among you all.

If every students have this attitude we will produce many good doctors.

I am not excellent.. but somehow failure shaped some form of maturity… And ability to appreciate chances to improve..

Somehow people say we are kiasu.. I don’t mind losing.. but I mind not trying before it’s over… That’s wastage of youth….


Dancing with fire

I have been dealing with many people, had my anxiety built up, formed my anger, learnt to persuade, managed to gain trust and alter attitude upon mixing with different types of people yet keeping the kind heart within.

There is good and bad sides.

At the age of 24, the biggest fear is still my family members.

I can lose it so swiftly by being influenced. Perhaps it’s time to learn to detach feelings with their negative emotions. It’s not easy growing up in a family who fights against each other other small matters.

It’s funny to say but my rented house with strangers seem more peaceful than this blood related home.

Keep dancing darling, keep dancing.


There are a few memories that I would like to keep on this blog..

 The first one is a thank you card I made for local health clinic staffs in appreciation of their patients in our disturbance for learning sake.

 Second are the photos with wonderful people I met in UKM Medical Conference 2016.

These experiences keep me alive.

A road less traveled

So I have chose to stand on my own because I need freedom, and enjoys attention.
Next week onward I will be driving on my own to classes, clinics and hospitals.
I have friends who stay nearby and would love to carpool, but their attitude towards classes is ‘minimal’, in which it is like most students, they will not care to stay longer after class or to observe more for self-learning purpose. Well, sometimes they would cut short our classes hours. I would do exactly the same had I not did so badly in 6th Form. But I learnt the difference hard work and persistence would make, and was convinced to believe that the art of learning medicine is to get exposed to as many cases as possible.

Well, I have been working on it, I do agree that my standard is not on par on where I should be- better.

It just means I need to work harder and fine tune my approach to increase the efficiency.

Sometimes, I guess we have to walk alone on what we believe.

Big and small

Yesterday an impatient patient walked in before her number was called and started being grumpy  and complained. Her expression reminds me so much of my aunt. I have never seen a behavior with so much of similarities as another, and started reflecting.

Yes. There is some grouchy part of me for some while. I have been complaining about my housemates, friends, owner, basically most people around me.

Indeed, they have so much of flaws. But they have done nothing much that hurts me directly, and have been nice in one way or another.

Instead of looking onto petty things and exaggerate it like that patient did, I can also focus on bigger issues, like how to improve my studies and lifestyle, which would have better outcome in the long run. Complaining, and being unhappy wouldn’t do me good.

Having vision, perspective and chances, I have more important things to focus on.

Have you been whining recently? =)


As a continuation from a post in 2015 I am certain that everyone of us live in our own perceived world.

We believe that we see and interprets based on our respective knowledge and experiences.

That is why a person’s image is so important, it shows who we are to others minimally at the first sight.

In truth we could be a kind and amazing person, but see in a social interaction, if we do not smile, we are just another unfriendly person to others, unless they have seen the good part of us.

This is how sticking with a pack of buddies/ loving family for a long time spoils us. They have seen many sides of us and love to live with it. We do not need to act kind to them, and get used to showing our worst sides. But new friends need to see the good sides, to form impression and ideas about us. They can’t see our happy smile easily cause we are genuinely happy with our pack, and forgot be nice for others to perceive. Sometimes the old friends make us so comfortable that we forgot why is there even a need to be nice to new people?


Talking about my new housemates who are housemen couple in the master bedroom… The girl is still extremely closed up and unfriendly.. it kind of make me sad though.. as if another word I speak that might intrigue her privacy and there is nothing she wish to know about another person who is staying in the same house with them.

The guy is still fine though.. he greets.

It is fine for them.. they have each other.. but I am all on my own.. comparing to the previous hostel life where we have 4 per room and 12 per house.. it’s a change .. especially when the house is nicely furnished like a home, but the people are nothing close to it.

Perhaps not all thing will go in my way, including how other people decides to treat me. I have been kind and offer help within limits.. there is nothing I can do except observing the natural history of relationship progress.. 🙂


At times I wanted to be alone.

But now that I am, emptiness flood in especially when I am staying in the same house with a couple, who does things together all the time.

No situation is perfect, adaptation defines it.


Good bye, hostel life.

I have finally taken my last daily item from the hostel.
In awe, the hardest act was to remove my towel from the towel rack that 4 of us roommies share.

I have always enjoyed the relaxing in the hostel and hanging it with others gave me a good sense of togetherness.

Back to solitarity.
From now on, i suppose would blog more


当你一到外面,人家就会开始吃你, 吃你。