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Big and small

Yesterday an impatient patient walked in before her number was called and started being grumpy  and complained. Her expression reminds me so much of my aunt. I have never seen a behavior with so much of similarities as another, and started reflecting.

Yes. There is some grouchy part of me for some while. I have been complaining about my housemates, friends, owner, basically most people around me.

Indeed, they have so much of flaws. But they have done nothing much that hurts me directly, and have been nice in one way or another.

Instead of looking onto petty things and exaggerate it like that patient did, I can also focus on bigger issues, like how to improve my studies and lifestyle, which would have better outcome in the long run. Complaining, and being unhappy wouldn’t do me good.

Having vision, perspective and chances, I have more important things to focus on.

Have you been whining recently? =)